50 Phrases You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad (Various Languages)

50 Phrases You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad (Various Languages)

Using your foreign language is of course important in making sure you keep your skills up to par. One of the very best ways to use your language is to incorporate new phrases when traveling abroad.

And when it comes to traveling, there are many ways you can do so! You can go on a cruise in the French Caribbean, or hop around the Italian countryside in your hired car. Or perhaps you’d prefer an adventure tour through Peru? No matter where you intend to travel, incorporate your foreign language into your trip so that you’ll get the most out of it.

The article below lists 50 phrases you might like to incorporate into your next vacation. Note that all of these phrases can be used in various ways, not just for the purpose of travel; the phrases are simply an overview of what would be helpful to know when traveling with a foreign language under your belt.

You can use these handy phrases while you’re traveling to make your trip easier and more fun.

#1 Bonjour! (French) = Hello!

#2 Buenos días! (Spanish) = Good day!

#3 Ciao! (Italian) = Hi!/Bye!/I’m listening to you, not ignoring you!/You’re getting on my nerves/So long !/I’m out of here!/OK, I get it.

#4 Dobry wieczór! (Polish) = Good evening!

#5 Guten Tag! (German) = Hello!/Good day!/Afternoon!/Evening!/Good morning!

#6 Konnichiwa! (Japanese) = Good afternoon!/Hello!/Welcome!

#7 Konnichiwa! (Japanese) = Welcome!/Good afternoon!/Hello

#8 Ciao, come stai? (Italian) = How are you?

#9 Dobro jutro! (Croatian) = Good morning!

#10 Dobry den! (Czech) = Good day!/Hello!/Good morning!

#11 Dobra jutra! (Bosnian) = Good morning!

#12 Dobar dan! (Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian) = Hello!/Good day/afternoon!/Good morning!/Good afternoon!

#13 Dobry wieczór! (Polish) = Good evening!/Good night!

#14 Guten Morgen! (German) = Good morning!/Good day!/Afternoon!/Evening!/Hello!

#15 G’day mate! (Australian English) = Hello!/Good day!/Welcome!/Howdy!

#16 Hallo! (German) = Hello!/Good day!/Afternoon!/Evening!/Hello

#17 Hola! (Spanish) = Hi!/Bye!/I’m listening to you, not ignoring you!

#18 Je ne comprends pas. (French) = I don’t understand.

#19 Je ne parle pas anglais. (French) = I don’t speak English.

#20 Lo sentimos, no hablamos español. (Spanish) = We’re sorry but we don’t speak Spanish.

#21 Moshi moshi! (Japanese) = Hello!/Good day!/What’s up?/I’m listening to you, not ignoring you!

#22 Olá! (Portuguese) = Hi!/Bye!/How are you?

#23 Shukran (Arabic) / Spasibo (Russian) = Thank you.

#24 Takk for sist! (Norwegian) = Thanks for the other day!/Good bye!/Thank you for last time.

#25 Ta-ku-li ! (Mandarin Chinese) = Thank you/I’m sorry/Please

#26 Toi toi toi ! (French) / Guten Tag! (German) = Bye!/See you soon!

#27 Tchüss! (German) = Bye!/Good bye!/See you soon!

#28 Zahrajte mi novou kartu, prosím. (Czech) = Please give me a new card/I would like a new card.

#29 До свидания! (Russian) = Bye!/Good bye!/See you soon!

#30 Ano…(Japanese) = Uh huh/Mmm hmm/Yes/Sure/No.

#31 Excuse me, do you know where I can find a hotel? (Spanish) Disculpe, ¿sabe dónde puedo encontrar un hotel? 

#32 Excuse me, where is the nearest pharmacy? (French) Excusez-moi, où se trouve la pharmacie la plus proche

#33 How do I get to the airport/train station/subway? (German) Wie komme ich zum Flughafen/Bahnhof/zur U-Bahn?

#34 How much does this cost? (Spanish) ¿Cuánto cuesta esto?

#35 Is there anyone who speaks English here? (Spanish) ¿Hay alguien que hable inglés aquí

#36 May I have a receipt please? (French) Puis-je avoir un reçu, s’il vous plaît ?

#37 Where is the bathroom? (Polish) Gdzie jest toaleta?

#38 Where is the bus station/the subway station/the train station? (French) Où se trouve la gare routière/la station de métro/la gare ferroviaire ?

#39 Where is the cash machine (ATM)? (French) Où se trouve le distributeur de billets?

#40 Where is the post office? (French) Où se trouve le bureau de poste ? 

#41 Where’s a good restaurant around here? (French) Où se trouve un bon restaurant dans le coin ?

#42 How do I get to? (French) Comment puis-je m’y rendre ? (Spanish) ¿Cómo llego a? (Italian) Come ci arrivo? (German) Wie komme ich dorthin?

#43 Can you help me? (French) Pouvez-vous m’aider ?  (Spanish) ¿Puede ayudarme? 

#44 I need help. (French) J’ai besoin d’aide (Spanish) Necesito ayuda.

#45 Cheers mate! (Australian English) = Bye!/See you later!

#46 Doviđenja! (Croatian) = Bye!/Goodbye!/I’m out of here!/See you later/Goodbye!/I’m leaving!/I’m outta here!

#47 Do vi deo (Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian) = Goodbye!/See you again.

#48 Më falni (Albanian) = Excuse me/What’s up?/How are you?

#49 Adiós (Spanish) = Bye!/Good bye!

#50 Arrivederci (Italian) = Goodbye!

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