How do I send a message on UpLingua?

To send a direct message on UpLingua to another member, find the member on
UpLingua you would like to send the message to. This can be from the
Member’s page, the News Feed, a group, or your friend’s list.

To send a message from a member’s profile:
1. Click on the member to go to their profile or click on the message icon
under their profile picture.
2. Type the message and click Send.
3. From any profile, click Message.

You can also send and read messages from the Message Icon on the left
sidebar of UpLingua.1. Once you enter the messages page, click the new message icon to
open to start a new message.
2. Enter the member’s name you would like to send a message to.
3. Type the message.
4. Click Send.

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