Names on UpLingua

UpLingua is a global community where everyone uses the name they go by in
everyday life. This makes it so that you always know who you’re connecting with.
To make sure people know who they’re connecting with, we ask everyone to use
the same name on UpLingua that they use in everyday life. We may ask you to
confirm that the name on your UpLingua account is the name you’re known by.

Confirming your name:
If you see a message when you log in asking you to confirm your name, you may
be temporarily unable to access certain UpLingua features while we work with
you to confirm or edit the name on your account.
To confirm or edit your name, log in to your UpLingua account and follow the
on-screen instructions. You may be asked to upload an ID or something else
from our ID list (ex: membership cards, mail) that shows the name you use in
everyday life.
If you need to confirm your name on UpLingua, or if you’ve lost access to your
account, you may be asked to send us a copy of something with your name on it.
You have several different options for this, including photo IDs issued by the
government, IDs from non-government organizations, official certificates or
licenses that include your name or other physical items like a magazine
subscription or a piece of mail.

Your name can’t include:

● Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or
● Characters from multiple languages.
● Titles of any kind (example: professional, religious).
● Words or phrases in place of a name.
● Words or phrases that go against our Community Standards.
● Words or phrases that represent organizations instead of persons

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